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Cloverleaf's Tristan Vaughan impresses in 800 at Division II district meet


ORRVILLE — Tristan Vaughan wasn’t going to leave anything to chance Saturday.

A year after needing everything he had left in the tank to win the 800-meter run at the Orrville Division II District, the Cloverleaf senior knew he would need a similar performance.

Little did he know he would have a good view of the rest of the field after crossing the finish line as the Colts put together a strong day en route to a fourth-place finish at Red Rider Stadium.

“I thought they were right behind me. That was my mindset the entire time,” Vaughan said. “It’s always interesting when I get to the last 300 or 200 and everyone starts screaming. I’m always thinking that they’re close and that I need to get a surge to get out first.”

Vaughan, who won in less than a second last season, posted a winning time of 2:01.34. This season, however, the mid-distance specialist took his last steps over the line before stopping to put his hands on his knees and catch his breath. The next two runners crossed 3.28 seconds later.

“It felt really good,” said Vaughan, who credited his Grandma’s lasagna after the win. “I told myself that I couldn’t sprint the first lap because it’s not the 400, but I needed to think like it.”

That mentality was on full display by Cloverleaf, which finished with 68 points. Triway (116.5) ran away with the meet.

Along with his 800 win, Vaughan advanced to next week’s Lexington Regional in the 4x800, which was second Thursday, and 4x4 with Zack Munchick, Brycen Holliday and Thomas Lormeau.

The 800 was the final highlight for Munchick, who was runner-up in the 200 (22.77) — 0.19 seconds off Clearview’s Sam Daniels. The senior also earned the fourth and final regional berth in the 100 and ran on the 4x1 that also was fourth.

“The first 100 was really fast, and the last one was just guts,” Munchick said of his 200 win. “It was about who could push themselves the hardest.”

Sophomore Max Gucker put together a gutsy 3,200, making a move with five laps to go to finish second in 10:06.38. Gucker overtook eventual champ Nich Michels of Triway a little more than 1,000 meters in and held until the final lap.

“I don’t have the fastest kick, so I really wanted to get out there fast and make my move at the mile and put as much distance between as I could,” Gucker said. “But it’s all about being top four. It feels awesome. This is a big step in my high school career, and I can’t wait to run next week.”

Black River’s Russell Schultz also was a runner-up, battling the heat and loaded 1,600 field to cross just behind Michels in 4:35.07. The senior tried to keep that pace in the 3,200 but just missed advancing after a fifth-place 10:25.07.

“I gave a lot in that race, and it was hot and the wind was up,” Schultz said. “It took a lot out of me, and the two-mile finished me. Even if I got out in the two, I would’ve just focused on the mile next week because that event is way better for me.”

Cloverleaf’s Nate Clingan placed fourth in the shot after a third-place finish in the discus Thursday, while the 4x1 of Munchick, Eli Haynes, John Manzuk and Adam Oren also will run in Lexington.

Along with Schultz, the Pirates’ 4x2 was fifth and Zach Hawley just missed in the 400 in sixth.

Like the boys, Cloverleaf’s girls will send a handful of athletes to regionals.

The Colts, who finished fifth, had a pair of individuals and two relays advance, highlighted by an exciting 4x2 finish when freshman Emily Romano narrowly beat Brookside’s Madissyn Valdez for fourth.

“I was really scared because I really, really wanted to make it regionals,” said Romano, who didn’t lean over the finish line but still managed to outstride Valdez. “I was just thinking ‘Don’t let her beat you. Get up there.’ I was trying to push through.”

The relay, which also included Maddie Boltz, Nyah Hansen and Sarah Keener, clocked a 1:51.16 and collectively held its breath while watching Romano.

“I was screaming ‘Come on, don’t give up!’ as they were so close,” Keener said. “I wanted her to lean, but she did a good enough job getting over.”

Boltz got the day going for Cloverleaf, as she placed fourth in the long jump. Her attempt of 15 feet, 11¼ inches in the prelims was enough to carry through the finals.

“Since the beginning of the year my goal has been to get to regionals,” she said. “That’s what I wanted to do. I think having the mindset and motivation to do it really helped me.

“There was definitely pressure (in the finals) because girls can jump 16 out of nowhere, but I’m glad the way it worked out.”

Junior Tommie Kurtz battled with Maya Hamsher of Orrville in the 800 before taking second in 2:23.45. Kurtz then headed back to the track to help the 4x4 to a third-place 4:21.60 with Boltz, Bailey Freeland and Jenna Oliver.

“Coming in, we had a lot of teams faster than us, and we knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park,” Kurtz said of the 4x4. “We wanted to get out there and place. We’re all excited.”

Black River’s 4x4 of Skyleigh Constable, Cassandra Armstrong, Hannah White and Mandy Yoder will join the Colts at regionals after finishing fourth in 4:22.68.

Constable had to hold off Chippewa’s Grace Lindquist, helping the relay finish 0.15 seconds ahead.

“I knew that I had to kick it in, and that’s exactly what I did,” Constable said. “I sensed her (over my shoulder), and that’s when I started. I knew then and there that I had go for my team.”

Keener and the Colts’ 4x2 placed one spot shy of a regional berth, while Pirates’ distance runner Hannah Heath saw her high school career close after a sixth in the 3,200 and seventh in the 1,600.

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ORRVILLE — Results Saturday from the final day of the Orrville Division I District held at Red Rider Stadium. Top four regional qualifiers in each event listed, along with Medina County athletes.


Team standings: 1. Triway 116.5, 2. Orrville 82, 3. Chippewa 73.5, 4. Cloverleaf 68, 5. Firelands 50.5, 6. Brookside 50, 7. Akron Springfield 47, 8. Clearview 42, 9. Keystone 31.5, 10. Akron Manchester 29, 11. Waynedale 27, 12. Black River 23, 13. Northwestern 20.

Individual results

Shot put: 1. Tyler Matter (W) 50-8¾, 2. Skyler Fleming (T) 48-3¼, 3. Zach Dilauro (S) 42-11¾, 4. Nate Clingan (Clo) 47-4¾, 9. Jake Kemp (Clo) 37-9¼. High jump: 1. Blake Ruffner (F) 6-4, 2. Jason Suppan (O) 6-2, T-3. Jared Geiser (W), Tristen Ness (Bro) 5-10. 110 hurdles: 1. Aric Parks (S) 14.87, 2. Jake Zollinger (Chi) 15.59, 3. Tony Lang (T) 15.74, 4. Geiser (W) 15.79. 100: 1. Tommy Hayes (O) 11.11, 2. Dylan Eshler (T) 11.22, 3. Sam Daniels (Cle) 11.22, 4. Zack Munchick (Clo) 11.22. 4x200: 1. Triway 1:32.74, 2. Clearview 1:33.88, 3. Firelands 1:34.60, 4. Keystone 1:34.96, 5. Black River (Gavin Ford, Zach Hawley, Steven Kost, Thomas Yourich) 1:35.32, 8. Cloverleaf (Ryan Curtis, Brycen Holliday, Eli Haynes, Thomas Lormeau) 1:39.26. 1,600: 1. Nich Michels (T) 4:34.35, 2. Russell Schultz (BR) 4:35.07, 3. Steve Hennis (Chi) 4:39.14, 4. Ian Speicher (T) 4:44.06, 10. Dillon West (Clo) 5:13.02, 12. Shane Mesko (BR) 5:21.85, 17. Matt Grissom (Clo) 5:40.77. 4x100: 1. Triway 44.28, 2. Orrville 44.89, 3. Clearview 45.65, 4. Cloverleaf (Haynes, John Manzuk, Munchick, Adam Oren) 45.74, 6. Black River (Ford, Anthony Houdeshell, Justin Wossilek, Josh Yost) 47.71. 400: 1. David Chambers (Bro) 51.31, 2. Ethan Wright (M) 51.48, 3. Ruffner (F) 51.88, 4. Jake Baker (M) 52.33, 6. Hawley (BR) 55.21. 300 hurdles: 1. Parks (S) 41.32, 2. Jon Reed (S) 42.20, 3. Derek Raber (W) 42.97, 4. Long (T) 43.94. 800: 1. Tristan Vaughan (Clo) 2:01.34, T-2. Cameron Gerstenslager (Chi), Justin Below (Bro) 2:04.62, 4. Clayton Sims (Chi) 2:05.19. 200: 1. Daniels (Cle) 22.58, 2. Munchick (Clo) 22.77, 3. Ethan Wright (M) 22.90, 4. Kash Warren (Cle) 22.94. 3,200: 1. Michels (T) 10:04.11, 2. Max Gucker (Clo) 10:06.38, 3. Clay Miller (T) 10:07.42, 4. Hennis (Chi) 10:09.88, 5. Schultz (BR) 10:25.07, 11. Kyle Chudzinski (Clo) 11:14.72, 18. Connor Braig (BR) 12:51.47. 4x400: 1. Brookside 3:35.25, 2. Chippewa 3:36.73, 3. Firelands 3:37.27, 4. Cloverleaf (Munchick, Holliday, Lormeau, Vaughan) 3:39.33.


Team standings: 1. Orrville 148, 2. Norwayne 135, 3. Brookside 63, 4. Waynedale 53, 5. Cloverleaf 51.5, 6. Chippewa 46.5, 7. Manchester 40, 8. Firelands 29, 9. Clearview 24.5, 10. Northwestern 19.5, 11. Black River 17, 12. Triway 15, 13. Springfield 12, 14. Keystone 7.

Individual results

Discus: 1. Lynnsey Winchell (N) 140-2, 2. Sarah Hershberger (W) 120-2, 3. Mikayla Carpenter (O) 114-10, 4. Taylor Myers (T) 113-9, 7. Lisa Wangler (Clo) 105-11, 9. Logan Stewart (Clo) 97-10, Maddy Hoehn (BR) 84-5, Suzanne Packard (BR) 67-10. Long jump: 1. Audrey Bishop (N) 16-3¾, 2. Lindsey Baldridge (W) 16-1¾, 3. Ashley Stiffler (O) 16-0, 4. Maddie Boltz (Clo) 15-11¼, Lilly Nixon (BR) 11-9½. Pole vault: 1. Alex Eby (O) 12-0, 2. Karlie Lax (O) 11-0. 3. Allie Studer (N) 10-0, 4. Bishop (N) 9-0, T-7. Maddie Marshall (Clo) 7-0. 100 hurdles: 1. Eby (O) 14.43, 2. Rachel Schmidt (N) 14.99, Jordyn Shawver (Bro) 15.99, 4. Peyton Phillips (F) 16.73. 100: 1. Allie Studer (N) 12.50, 2. Madissyn Valdez (Bro) 12.70, 3. Alyzabeth Lighty (Cle) 12.82, 4. Bridget Maxwell (N) 13.04, 5. Sara Keener (Clo) 13.09. 4x200: 1. Norwayne 1:45.86, 2. Orrville 1:46.89, 3. Waynedale 1:49.96, 4. Cloverleaf (Boltz, Nyah Hansen, Keener, Emily Romano) 1:51.16. 1,600: 1. Mackenzie McCarthy (M) 5:42.22, 2. Alicia Fike (Bro) 5:44.81, 3. Alessandra Davis (F) 5:49.53, 4. Emma Sandefur (S) 5:49.63, 7. Hannah Heath (BR) 5:56.97, 10. Tara Cleary (BR) 6:11.37, 12. Jenna Oliver (Clo) 6:17.64, 14. Bailey Freeland (Clo) 6:21.72. 4x100: 1. Norwayne 50.83, 2. Orrville 51.76, 3. Brookside 53.11, 4. Cloverleaf (Boltz, Hansen, Keener, Romano) 53.45, 6. Black River (Cassandra Armstrong, Carrie Cepec, Skyleigh Constable, Hannah White) 54.75. 400: 1. Sarah Schmidt (N) 1:01.82, 2. Sedona Goodard (O) 1:02.18, 3. Cassie Scherer (W) 1:02.81, 4. Hannah Kardohely (Nwn) 1:03.15, 7. Constable (BR) 1:05.21. 300 hurdles: 1. R. Schmidt (N) 47.53, 2. Daysia Hargrave (O) 49.19, 3. Phillips (F) 49.46, 4. Shawver (Bro) 49.51. 800: 1. Maya Hamsher (O) 2:20.98, 2. Tommie Kurtz (Clo) 2:23.45, 3. Grace Lindquist (Chi) 2:27.74, 4. Mackenzie Allsop (F) 2:36.41, 7. Mandy Yoder (BR) 2:42.21. 200: 1. Lighty (Cle) 25.92, 2. R. Schmidt (N) 26.81, 3. Valdez (Bro) 26.84, 4. Sophie Wright (M) 26.68, 6. Romano (Clo) 27.66. 3,200: 1. Ashley Kish (Chi) 12:20.60, 2. Weslea Arthur (Nwn) 12:35.31, 3. McCarthy (M) 12:36.69, 4. Ashley Kinnard (O) 12:48.23, 6. Heath (BR) 13:04.78, 7. Maria Porras (Clo) 13:19.52, 12. Sara Naples (Clo) 13:58.01, 20. Darby Brener (BR) 16:00.35. 4x400: 1. Orrville 4:11.55, 2. Norwayne 4:12.53, 3. Cloverleaf (Boltz, Freeland, Kurtz, Oliver) 4:21.60, 4. Black River (Constable, Armstrong, White, Yoder) 4:22.68.

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